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Still Alive

I pretty much shelved this blog due to all the Covid19 goings-on. The drama online was enough to keep me from the internet. Nothing has been positive and all seems to be gloom and doom, political and demeaning.

So here I sit, many wondering if I am still alive and kicking…

Alive, yes. Kicking…well, if you have Fibromyalgia, kicking is not really an option. (Smile)

Actually, I have begun riding a stationary AirDyne bike (not using the arm functions)…it took me 15 minutes to go one mile when I began Memorial Day Weekend. Yep… It hurt. And not only did it hurt, but it hurt for days after. Maybe it is because I kept doing it each day…hmmm

Here I am, almost Labor Day Weekend and I am now up to one mile every 5 minutes (the arm functions make my shoulders scream in pain, so I barely use them)…but the bicycle part I can now do a mile in 3.5 minutes…on a good day. Most days I do up to three miles in succession, but I aim for a minimum of three miles each day-or up to five if I possibly can!

Yes, my endurance is improving…yes, my pain is still there…but my overall body functions have improved.

What does that mean…?

Well, for starters, my heart doesn’t palpate as frequently. My blood pressure has improved. My blood sugar levels have gone down. My energy level has slightly improved (which is saying a lot considering my energy level was pretty low), and my overall mental cognitive abilities have improved, as well.

Yes, riding the bike has helped me.

Do I still hurt? Yes.

Do I still wake up feeling run over? Yes.

Do I still struggle getting up and down from a chair, rolling over at night in bed, walking, etc? Yes.

The way I see it, the bike is helping my cardiovascular system, improving my general well-being as well as my brain. The pain will be there anyway, I might as well improve my internal health.

As for the Covid-19…so far, so good.

Yes, I believe in this virus. I have some distant family that have all had it. It is real and it can knock you off your feet for weeks. I DO NOT want it.

Truth be told, I CANNOT imagine feeling any worse than Fibromyalgia makes one feel.

Over four times I have felt like I was “coming down with something”…knowing it was the beginning of a Fibro Flare…and praying it wasn’t Covid-19. Of course, it was a Flare…and those are hard enough.

Yes, I am still here…living life reclused…online shopping…grocery pickups…visits from across the yard…wearing masks…washing my hands for 20 seconds throughout the day…using ridiculous amounts of hand lotion afterwards….and pacing myself…resting…fighting the fight that Fibromyalgia brings…

But still here I am and happy to be! Pain and all 🙂

Stay healthy!

…and have a good Fibro day…

God Bless-

~The Fibro Momma of Ten

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