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Ringing Ears and Fibromyalgia

Ringing in the ear affects many people who suffer from Fibromyalgia.

The ringing usually affects one ear and make that ear feel full or heavy. The ringing may be intermittent or constant. It may occur a few times a month or several times a week. It may even precede a Fibro flare!!

For the past year or so I have had this issue and recently, the ringing in my ear was so bad that it was almost deafening (pun) and lasted about a week. I awoke in the night with the ringing so loud it was hard to fall back asleep.

Today, the ringing seems to be much less and for that I am thankful!

I have learned how to muddle through when the ringing is there. I cannot hear as well when that is happening and I have to ask my family to repeat things often. By muddle through, I mean that I would play soft classical music or instrumental hymns to help overshadow the ringing sound. I would bury myself in work to keep my mind off the ringing sound and learn how to improvise when I’m being spoken to. Some days were better than others.

I have crossed referenced ‘ringing in the ear with Fibromyalgia’ and was surprised to discover (well, not really surprised…Fibromyalgia already has a long list of ailments…)that this is indeed another symptom to add to my ever-growing list of Fibro complaints!

So, if this is you, know you are not alone!

As I stated earlier, today has been better for me. Three days ago, I was almost bouncing off the walls with the ringing!

As every Fibro sufferer knows…we may wake up today feeling pretty good and wake up tomorrow feeling run over and left for dead. What pain we experience today will be somewhere different tomorrow. What pain we wake with in the morning will be replaced by something new in the afternoon…and what things we do today will totally affect our tomorrow.

My prayer is that the ringing will not cause extensive hearing loss so I can forever hear the Bible read out loud, hear my children call to chat, hear my grandchildren play outside and hear my husband tell me he loves me.

Blessings to you and yours-

The Fibro-Lupus Butterfly

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