Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness, Living Daily with Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis and Bursitis

I try to keep my blog topics on the lighter side of pain…which is somewhat of a challenge since pain is my daily companion.

Take today. I am dealing with the pains from the past 72 hours of non-stop preparing for a double going away party for our two sons who have joined the United States Marine Corps and will be leaving in a couple of weeks. We had over 75 people on our property two days ago. It was a jolly time and the fellowship was sweet! 

I was an emotional basket-case that day…so many people who came to wish our sons farewell…my body felt like a broken ceramic pitcher that had been glued back together and had just sprung a leak!

Yes, the party was 48 hours ago. The day after the party my body just went Ka-put! Today I am mustering just enough energy to get through the day. 

My Plantar Fasciitis in both feet has me barely able to walk…one foot is in an air cast due to the torn fascia tendon from three weeks ago. 

I would do it all again for the sons I love and will miss desperately. My body may disagree, but that has been my chief complaint with Fibromyalgia…

What my mind wants to do and what my body is not able to perform doing. 

The day of the party we grilled over 20 pounds of BBQ plus sides and desserts (most of which friends brought to help! Thank you friends!!) However I still made the cupcakes in their honor but had to delegate the rest.

Speaking of delegation…am I the only one who hates to delegate tasks????

In my pre-fibro life, I did it all. I did it all happily and (without) complaint…(usually, but I was organized down to the crossing of the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s”.) 

Now I make lists…and forget where I left them. I have thoughts and cannot remember them. 

I have a white board in my kitchen for my thoughts and “plans” but I can rarely see them through without the extreme painful joints and daily exhaustion.

So. today my blog is not the most uplifting. Today I am just a “normal” Fibromyalgia sufferer who deals with the pains from doing something at the time she does it…and the aftermath of some 24-72 hours later. 

What will tomorrow bring?

Ask me tomorrow! 

Til then…I will keep on keeping on!

May the good Lord give me the strength to endure this daily life with Fibromyalgia!

~The Fibro Momma of Ten

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  1. I just wondered as a fellow Fibro as I research have you ever been checked for parasites? I’ve not yet but am looking to! I truly have been looking mainly at the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia are our body’s way to signal to us something is wrong. A cascade occurs that’s onset from within the gut, leading to infection, chronic stress, and eventually leads to a systemic breakdown of multi-organ functional status.

    1. Yes, I have! Before I was diagnosed, I had a great PCP that literally tested me for everything under the sun! They continue to monitor my blood yearly to see if my ANA levels rise higher than they are. Since I suffer from Psoriasis, the ongoing thought is Psoriatic Arthritis is or will be rearing its ugly head! But no parasites!!!

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