Poetry Writings

This is a page of poetry for chronic pain sufferers-

When I am hurting, I write poetry. The words just pour out of me…rhymes and all. I want to share these poems with others who suffer daily with Fibromyalgia, Lupus or other debilitating chronic pain conditions. It is my prayer that these poems will help you relate to me and for you (the sufferer) to understand that you are not alone in your fight against the pain.

Morning Prayer©

God please guide me, take my hand, pull me up and make me stand.

Please help the pain not be intense, and help my mind to make some sense.

Remove the clouds which block my view, and help me to rely on You.

As I lift my arms to do my hair, please help the burn my arms feel there.

My neck, my spine, my hips, my back, please help the pain; keep me on track.

Getting dressed alone can be a chore, taking a shower, even more.

Pour the coffee, don’t drop the pot, please let the liquid hit the spot!

It’s the little things that keep me sane, as I sip my coffee in terrible pain.

Reading Your Word that brings me peace, praying for a way to find release.

Your Will for me is very clear, taking care of my family that I hold so dear.

I know the pain is “oh, so real”, some days, though it is all surreal.

So help me, Lord, to accept my fate, to love each day and not to hate.

Each morning that I start anew, help me, Lord, to rely on You.



It’s that time again-
My time to rest.
To allow my body to decompress.
Relaxing can be painful, too-
Lord, please ease that pain and get me through.
One by one as the throbbing stops-
Finding rest amidst all the pops.
The heating pad, it must be used-
Helping me fight away the blues.
My head is foggy, I cannot think-
As I rest my mind and begin to sink.
Sinking deeper and deeper to relax the pain-
Waiting for that wave of rain.
The rain of God who hears my cry-
As I drift away on a cloud passing by.
A little nap will be here soon-
And then I will face the afternoon.


One Step at a Time©

I cry in the shower where no one can see-

Except for the Lord, who I know watches me.

He sees how I feel-All the pain and the stress-

The way that I feel that no one can guess.

I try to get through each day that goes by-

Leaning on God without asking “Why?”

Accepting my fate while fighting each day-

Taking one step at a time and finding my way.



Mornings were once the best part of my day-

I would jump out of bed and not want to stay!

I had everything planned, every tittle and jot-

My mind would take off, there was no empty spot!

I welcomed the sun with such happy glee-

Breakfast and laundry were done, and done merrily!

My husband, the provider, was then on his way-

The children began chores and prepared for their day.

I was very efficient, scheduled, direct.

Running my home by the clock with perfect effect!

Ten children I boar; Nine got to stay. They and my husband were my life every day.

I taught them to read and I taught them to write-

And all of their math concepts with all of my might!

Each day was planned out, right down to the “T”-

My ducks in a row, all following me.

But one day that changed; it started out slow-

I barely noticed the change as it started to blow.

The winds of change that now swarm around me-

Through each cranny and nook and sting like a bee.

The mornings I cherished and so joyfully loved-

Are gone from me, now; I feel pushed and feel shoved.

No matter the sleep that I usually can’t find-

Has affected my body, my soul and my (once sharp) mind.

Each movement I make when I open my eyes –

cause the pain to begin as the sun starts to rise.

The planner in me has called out “Retreat!”-

The wolf is at hand and can never be beat.

I have sticky notes, papers, all over the place-

For things to remember just to stay in this race.

This race we call life, I fear I’ve fallen behind.

Some people pass me while others are kind.

Some lift me up and some help me through-

While others push forward like they do not see you.

I have learned I can only now walk in this race-

Moment by moment as I do a self-pace.

Yes, pacing myself is all I can do-

The everyday tasks are so hard to get through.

My body says quit, but my mind is much stronger-

With the help of the Lord, I can go on much longer!

This race is not over; it just has pitfalls-

 I can hear the wolf howling as it cries its wolf-calls.

 I must stay strong and fight ‘til the end!

Stop mourning the old life and race on to win!

The prize is the children as dedication they see-

Be the example to them as I teach them daily.

Teach them how life can throw curveballs at you-

But God is the one who will help see you through.

Battles come in life that you’d never expect-

But what you do with that life sets you apart from the rest.

 I may not be as I once was before-

But I’m still the same me, only battered from war.


The Real Smile©

The chickens they wake me; I can hear their loud cry –

So now I’m awake wishing sleep would come by.

As soon as I move, the pain now begins-

In that very moment, I know it won’t end.

Begin this new day is all I can do-

The steps out of bed are so hard to get through.

The pain in my feet as they hit the floor-

Step by step that I move with my joints hurting more.

I feel like the Tin-Man who has rusted again-

But the rain keeps on coming before I begin.

The storms in my life are on the inside-

Those storms come on strongly and I wish I could hide.

Hide from the pain that inside I must fight-

Day to day; nightly, too; with all of my might.

But this body is tired as the fighting goes on-

The pain so intense; the facade starts to wan.

My countenance fading before my own eyes-

If the world only knew how much that I lie.

Lie to the world with a smile on my face-

While behind that ol’ smile the pain picks up pace.

Every second, every minute, of each waking hour-

Getting through just one day can seem like a tower.

As I climb to the top, so I can say I’ve arrived-

Every step that I take makes me wince and to cry.

But I hold onto The One who is stronger than I-

Pour out my heart and let Him see me cry.

A true smile is there! I can find it again-

Find the strength to go on as I lean upon Him.



The pain in my body won’t leave me alone-

It gnaws at my joints and goes down to the bone.

The things I once did, I can never again-

My head will remind me before I begin.

Vacuuming, dusting, taking care of our home-

All things I enjoy but now cause me to moan.

Moan from the pain from the littlest things-

Like moving too fast, which makes my head ring.

My desire for order seems never to be-

I must listen to my body con-tin-u-ally.

But if I don’t listen and decide to go on-

I will pay for it later and know I was wrong.

So what does one do when they are falling apart?

Pray without ceasing, rest and not start.

Go through each day by pacing yourself-

Take one step at a time, and nothing else.


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