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24-48 Hour Fibromyalgia Delayed Reaction

Today I suffered the typical what I call “The 24-48 Hour Fibromyalgia Delayed Reaction.” That delay is when our body reacts to what we did 24-48 hours before-hand. It’s a part of Fibro that is frustrating. Most Fibros will get used to this happening to their bodies and learn to live through it.

What does one react to? Well, it took me over a year to figure this out by keeping a journal of foods I ate, things I did, how the weather was everyday, stresses I encountered, chores I did, etc. Journaling helped me to understand how my body reacted as I became more “in-tune” to myself and my body.  It was quite the process, but worth it in the end. Sometimes we remember right away that we raked the yard two days earlier and the “flare” is the delayed response to that. But sometimes it is not that simple.

This flare I find myself in today, I fear, is self-inflicted from my Saturday of pruning when my back was hunched over pruning seedlings that did not belong in my flower beds. (see the post from August 5, 2017)

Yesterday was a very rainy Sunday (and we know how much rain and Fibro goes together *note of sarcasm*) and my family and I went to church to play music for a Homecoming Celebration. (My husband and children play in our family’s Bluegrass Band most weekends and we usually drive within a radius of 200 miles for each event. I’ve done the “Mom” thing over the years. ie; get them to lessons when needed, make sure their clothing colors are coordinated and clean-and still fit-haha, take the calls for bookings, keep our website’s schedule updated, pack food for the journey, make CD covers, take pictures, etc.)

Anyway, by the time we got halfway home, I had a migraine befall me out of nowhere-joint encompassing and all! I felt nauseous and knew there was no going back! I downed ibuprofen with a bunch of water and asked my son to rub my neck and shoulders as my husband continued to drive us safely home. Once there, I collapsed on our bed, covered up my face, and lay there trying to ride it out. Next came a very hot shower as my body began to respond to the meds.

This morning my lower back and hips decided to lock up on me less than twenty minutes into my morning. It was so intense that it brought me to my knees. Literally. I needed to enlist the assistance of two children just to help me up. I have tried moving from chair to bed and back again, doing school lessons with a heating pad in less than comfortable surroundings. Even ibuprofen has not eased the pain today or enabled me to move much at all.  I also feel very lethargic and groggy.

I tell you this to help you understand that this flare began last night with the migraine and continues on into today. How long will it continue? Well, that is the fun thing about Fibromyalgia! (note the positive tone in that last sentence???) You never know how long a flare will last, but what you do know is it won’t last forever!

So, was it the rainy weather? The Saturday chores? The long Sunday drive to play music? Or all of the above? Could this be a Lupus flare and not just a Fibro one? I do run a low-grade temp with this type of whole-body flare-ups. But, regardless, it’s here and I have to live through it. For all you Fibros out there-newly diagnosed or seasoned-it is your outlook that matters. I lean more on God on these rough days and try to have a positive attitude.

Just know, you can get through the flares and you are not alone!!

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