Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Finding the Blessings in Fibromyalgia

Is it possible to see Fibromyalgia as a blessing??? Well, if you have been diagnosed with this horrific illness, I am sure that is the last adjective you would use to describe it.

As a stay-at-home-mother I can assure you that you need to find the good in the not-so-good on most days! Children crying, schedules to maintain, broken dish(es), must needed potty breaks (for you!!!), living in daily pain, cooking, cleaning, etc….it may be hard to find joy. But the triumphs are when you get beyond the superficial daily grind and realize there are blessings to be found in the little things.  YOUR outlook is vital, not only to yourself, but to those around you. 

That is the blessing of this disease. Did you just read the word blessing associated with Fibromyalgia??

Um, why, yes, you read it correctly. 

You must find the good in the bad or you will go crazy. 

The blessing is that Fibro won’t kill you, though it feels like it will at times. 

The blessing is that the flare won’t last, even though when your in the middle of one you can’t imagine that it will go away. 

The blessing is when the flare is over you cannot really remember how bad it truly was…until it occurs again. (But that is another story.)

Those are blessings. 

Now, when I am in the middle of a full-swing flare I am not going to tell you I say to myself, “Wow, this pain is really intense and such a blessing!”

On the contrary,  I can assure you. But when your living day to day with chronic pain, it’s what you think that defines you. The phrase “there is power of positive thinking” may be a bit cliche, but it does work!

Try it and see if you can name a few blessings to your chronic pain condition(s) and let the “Power of Positive Thinking” reign in your mind and life!

Blessings from one Fibro to another!

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