Christmas with Fibromyalgia

Fibro-Flare and the Holidays

I am in the midst of a Fibro-Flare. It started this past Sunday with a migraine that completely wiped me out. It was a total down day! The week before was Thanksgiving and I think my schedule I had made last week for me to follow was way too hard on me. My body could not take it and I just crashed out.

All day Monday I could scarcely move, but I did get up and attend to my day, albeit, slow. I sat quietly with my daughters as we made Christmas Cards and Gift Tags. It was a fun way to spend the day, but sitting up that long always wreaks havoc on me! I fought the migraine and lost…so most of the afternoon is a bit of a blur because migraines cause my mind to lose parts of time due to the pain.

I do vaguely remember attempting the stairs up from the basement only to immediately fall onto the sofa upstairs in the hopes of stopping the bone pain. One of my daughter’s came over to me and smiled and said, “Don’t cry Mommy,  it’ll be okay.” Was I crying? I then realized tears were slowly cascading down my face. (I try not to cry in front of the children from my pain, but apparently that day the pain was too much for me as I lay myself down hoping for it all to stop).

Unfortunately, Tuesday was no better. I ended up laying down at 1pm with more Ibuprofen and a heating pad hoping to find some relief from the excruciating, deep, joint pain that literally made my bones hurt to the inner core. Not to mention the migraine (that I thought was going away) had come back with a vengeance! I even woke up in the night from the pounding.

By Wednesday and I awoke the usual way…slow, stiff, and road kill-like. I was in great need to begin preparing for holiday company on Friday! With that thought my adrenaline tried to kick in and I managed to get two meals done and an ice cream cake made in our basement kitchen while (trying to) organizing our downstairs. I rested and napped two times and by 5pm, my hips had locked up and I sank into the recliner hoping for relief. Fifteen minutes later and I was slowly starting again for a birthday dinner I had been preparing to serve that evening for a dear family friend.

Thursday I began to feel not as draggy and lethargic, but rested just the same. I wrapped some presents for relatives in other states and got them boxed up so could get them out the next day before company arrived!

Friday I woke up at 3:30am from a text that our oldest daughter was in labor and at the hospital almost two hours away! WOOT! WOOT! Our first Grandson! Needless to say, I stayed awake to pray and get updates. She actually delivered at 3:18pm and blessed us with a beautiful, healthy baby boy!! During those twelve hours I prayed a lot for our daughter, brought packages to the post office, prayed some more, stopped at the store for some provisions, came home and prayed with the children and helped get ready for company!

Today, I am writing this and battling my mind about my week. I am constantly in some sort of pain, stiff or run-over feeling, but wanted you all to know that you gotta keep on-keeping on! Sometimes it seems that my life is too busy and maybe it is. But it is the life the Lord has given to me and I love everyone in it! I struggle with myself all the time; The planning, re-planning, adjusting to life, changing the plan…again, and just living! I am learning to say “NO” to some things…really, I am. But it is not easy. Can anyone relate?

Well, it is Christmastime and December is busy! That is my excuse….today, anyway. But after all, I am now a Grandmother and what is better than that??

My Kitty under the tree.

Tis the season to be jolly!

Gentle hugs to you!!

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