Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Happy 2018 with Fibromyalgia

Happy 2018 with Fibromyalgia!

What? Can you even put the word “happy” with Fibromyalgia?

No, not really.

But it is a new year and everyone says “Happy New Year!!”, right?

A positive outlook is crucial with a condition like Fibromyalgia. Sadly, I must admit that I am not always as upbeat as I try to sound to you all. There are days when I really struggle. There are days when I think I can make it okay. There are even days when I feel I cannot make it and can scarcely move.

My New Year’s resolution is to make my outlook about this horrific condition (that robs you of the life you once had, brings you unrelenting pain with everything you try to do, and causes you to want to curl up and never move again) as positive as possible on a daily basis.

**If at first

you don’t succeed,

try, try again.**

Happy New Year from one Fibro to another! May 2018 bring you and me some pain-free moments that we will cherish forever.




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