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Sensitive, Burning Skin and Fibromyalgia

This evening I went out to dinner with my hubby and 19 year old son and just as we were leaving, it began to rain.  As I made my way to the car, those raindrops felt like they were burning my skin with each pelting drop. By the time I got to the vehicle I wanted to burst into tears. It was like I could feel every place the rain had landed on my skin and it hurt. I have never had that happen from rain before.

But guess what? I have Fibromyalgia and I’ve learned to never say “never”…

I have a shower head that sprays like six different types of water sprays. The one my husband prefers causes me to feel similarly to the rain I just experienced.  It makes me feel like I’m being sprayed with fire when that spray is on. I can only use one of those six sprays without feeling pain.

If my husband forgets to change it before he’s done, I cringe when it’s my shower time.

Today’s experience with rain took me by surprise. (I was already stiff from the pending storm and could scarcely get up from the booth without drawing attention to myself…)

Yes, I have Fibromyalgia.

Most days you’d never know it unless you knew that about me; then you may see it.

Fibro is easy to hide from those who don’t know you. It is exhausting to live daily not knowing what each moment may bring.

Today that moment brought rain.

I once loved a good storm. Now my body knows it’s gonna storm before the radar shows it.

Fibro. You gotta love it. (Note of sarcasm)

It’s a daily living experience..

so, from one Fibro to another…

…stay dry.

~The Fibro Momma of Ten

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  1. My Mother sufferers from the same thing. Thank you for what you have written, it has helped me to understand my Mother better.

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