Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Varying Hormone Levels in Your Home and Fibromyalgia

I deal with a lot of different personalities and hormone levels at my house.

Why?? Well, for starters I have ten children from ages 27 down to 9 and six still live at home. Each one is uniquely made and each one goes through his or her own issues at any given time. I have often said my oldest “child” is my husband! It is true he emotionally needy like the best of them! But, he also has a bone marrow disorder that causes him to tire easily. It is a Myeloproliferative Disease (bone cancer) and he has struggled with it since 2014.

Between him and my children (living at home and those who’ve begun their own lives), I don’t have much time to myself. I am not complaining, mind you. It is the life I have! But when I do get time alone, I usually rest which often times leads to a nap!

See, I have Fibromyalgia and that causes me to be in varying levels of pain 24 hours a day.

I home-school our children, keep house, manage our family’s bluegrass band, take my husband to regularly scheduled blood transfusions an hour away, and just try to maintain some sense of calm.

When I get tense, it causes my whole body to retaliate, which causes me more pain. (The 4th of July was awful on me with all the fireworks going off! With each “Pop” and “Bang” the pain zipped through my body like lightening and the pain in my body and joints just got worse and worse!-No “after-dark” fireworks for this Momma!)

Driving makes me hurt so when I drive home from the 7+ hours after his transfusion, the next day I am scarcely able to move and the day after that is worse. (I am sure sitting upright in those uncomfy chairs available to relatives during the transfusions does not help me, but I want to be there for my husband as he deals with this awful part of his life.)

When I hurt, I can move. It just hurts to move.

When I am having a wham-banger pain day, I usually find myself on the couch, but not for lack of trying to get up and get going.

My husband had a transfusion last week and I still feel like I am recovering from that trip!

Today I am preparing for our new school year, organizing our school room, and just keeping up with life. I must relax. Let me re-phrase…I must learn how to relax!!

Today I am hurting…but I do my best to keep moving while relaxing my body in the process! (I’ll let you know if that works!!)

Happy Monday!

~The Fibro Momma of Ten


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