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When the storms of a Fibromyalgia flare occur, what do you do?

When the storms of a Fibromyalgia flare occur, what do you do?…

What can I say? Sadly, today has been a bad day for me. I felt the flare coming on yesterday, although I tried to ignore the symptoms. I had had two consecutive nights of being woken up with all the joint pains, but last night it was my feet that deprived me of a sweet slumber. Had I done something to cause this aggravating pain? No. It’s just par for the course when you have Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is that never-know-how-you-will-feel-day-to-day condition that will literally knock you off your feet.

Today, I’ve been knocked off.

I awoke with my usual “road kill” feeling, but the gnawing feeling deep inside my joints told me what was looming ahead of me. (Just as the dark clouds of a distant monsoon warns of the storm ahead, so does the deep-seeded pains of the joints of a Fibro sufferer to an impending flare.) My road-kill, burning, shooting, constant jointy pains zeroed in on me like a rabid bat heading for water.

I tried to keep moving…

I tried not to give in…

I even tried to reorganized our vast library collection with my daughters in the attempt to feel productive.

However, by lunch I was spent and so worn out I could barely eat my tuna on crackers. Boy, that recliner looks comfy!

Once I adjusted myself in the chair, I asked my daughter to try to help rub out my pain. (Now, sometimes this works to alleviate or ease the deeper pains and other times I feel too battered and bruised and the slightest touch sends me to the roof! Today it was a combination. My feet and joints feel painfully arthritic, but the rest of my body feels like my skin is burning and bruised.)

So, here I sit…in much pain…feeling these electric-like zaps hit hip joints, trying to be somewhat productive by writing this. I am listening to a daughter read aloud to her younger sisters.

I guess it is just “one of those days”…

And guess what…? That is okay. Not everyday of a Fibro sufferer will be productive.

Hey, just getting out of bed can be pretty productive, right?

I guess I should be proud of doing more than that today!

God bless and extremely gentle hugs!

~The Fibro Momma of Ten

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