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Labor Day Memories

Labor Day is the last celebrated American holiday for BBQ’s before the weather turns cold.

For me, Labor Day has always signified the day before school began. As a child, it was the last “Hooray!” day because you knew that the next day, school would begin. It was a bittersweet time in my childhood. My family would make some grilled concoction and by evening, settle in to finish out the Jerry Lewis Telethon. That telethon held both love and hate for me because summer as I knew it officially ended when the telethon ended.

No more swimming anytime I wanted, no more beautiful Arizona sunsets to watch for until darkness closed in, no more trips to the mountains or staying up late playing board games or even that never-ending-keep-up-all-summer-long game of Monopoly which (sadly) had to be put away.

Instead it was school, school, and more school.


Now, I look forward to school!

That is because I am a home school Momma! I think I can safely say that most, if not all, of my children cannot wait to begin school. Why? I guess because I make learning FuN

(But that may depend on which child of mine you ask…)

With our family playing music throughout the year, we school year round-taking longer breaks for holidays, special trips throughout the year, yet still keeping with the required amount of teaching days for our state.

Labor Day does not hold the same memories for my children as it does for me. We began school two weeks ago after a longer break to enjoy some summer activities. My girls were chomping at the bit asking “when?”, “when?” It was me who delayed the start date!!!

(That is partly due to my perfectionistic personality, as I design their curriculum and want it to be perfect andĀ also due to my Fibromyalgia condition which prevents me from finishing tasks in a timely manner-I must begin those things months before I need them. I recently posted about some school desk dividers I made.)

another sigh

I have been thrown into many a flare these past weeks as my body gets used to the new school routine. Of course, if you have Fibromyalgia, one’s body never gets used to a flare.

The pain is a constant battle and each new day brings some new pain to accompany it.

Today is no exception…

Happy Labor Day to you! May your day be sweet to you and may you eat good food!!

~The Fibro Momma of Ten~


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