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A Quiet Autumn Afternoon in Pain

I have Fibromyalgia. That dread condition where you hurt all over, all the time.

Today I find myself behind my computer with the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack playing and my grandson asleep next to me. Life is pretty good!

Today I have created Christmas cards online, paid bills and enjoyed lunch with my kiddos. My oldest daughter is over and that means my almost eleven month old grandson is here, too!!

It is my afternoon to babysit while all my daughters (there are 5 of them) go outside to prepare our barn for an upcoming wedding to be held here in January.

Yes, I said the words=wedding, barn and January-in the same sentence. And yes, I live in the Midwest.

The word snow is taboo around here until after the wedding.

And a lot of PRAYER is going up to the Lord for a pleasant weather wedding day. Cold is a given…heaters have been arranged for this blessed event!

Hold all comments, please. The young couple has this vision and it is up to us to see it come to fruition!

Back to my day…

My pain level is at about a 6-7, which is my everyday normal, with an occasional flare-up to a 9 or 10 sprinkled throughout my day.

Such is the life of a Fibro sufferer!

As I write this I can feel the burning pain in my back and spine, the electric zaps that pulse throughout my various body parts, and I am dreading getting out of this chair. The pain upon standing can be barely tolerable until the endorphins kick in…and then it only numbs it.

But as I sit and look down at this beautiful baby, all the pain sort of fades off a bit…if only for a moment.

This little corner of my house that has not been touched by drywall dust (we are remodeling) is my current sanctuary of peace.

May God Shine His Love on you today!

~The Fibro Momma of Ten

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