Fibromyalgia Migraines

Fibro Migraines

Migraines are a drag. Fibro Migraines are worse because they engulf your whole being.

Time has a way of moving by too quickly, but when you have Fibromyalgia, it tends to go by slower, especially if you are having more pain than usual. When you get a Fibromyalgia migraine, you lose blocks of time out of your day.

Yesterday, the kiddos and I were getting the family room together for company that is coming in for our son’s High School Graduation this Saturday. Out of nowhere, I had a migraine come and completely knock me off my feet. You know the kind-that hazy feeling that suddenly engulfs your very core, settling into your joints-ALL your joints. Your neck and back begin screaming at you, your temples start to throb, light begins to hurt your eyes, your hands ache, you feel nauseous and you suddenly feel paralyzed with pain….All you want is to be horizontal….as fast as possible….Sound familiar? If it does, please know I can sympathize with you. Ibuprofen is my friend at these times and after 2+ hours with a covering over my eyes and (sometimes) one of my kiddos rubbing my temples until the meds kick in, I manage to doze off. Upon awakening, my body feels all stiff and I am like the tin-man desperately in need of an oil can! Those migraines literally make me feel like I lost part of my day- It’s like I forget a lot of what was going on before it hit.

These occur in my life several times a month. No pattern, no warning.
Today I will be leaving to go with my oldest daughter to help her pick out the bedding for her sweet baby who is due around Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to this!!! However, we have to drive about an hour to shop and being in a car that long is never fun for me.
I am taking it slower than usual this morning, not wanting to rock the “boat” and cause a setback.

The Lord is my strength on these busier days. One day at a time, right? Tomorrow I will feel it-as my journal has shown, but today I need to enjoy the time spent making memories. It is fun to watch my daughter getting so excited about the baby!!! So here is to today, whatever it may bring! Happy June and gentle hugs 🙂

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