Living Daily with Fibromyalgia

Doing daily tasks when you hurt

Today I hurt. This is not unusual since I have Fibromyalgia. I spent the past seven days living my life as wife and mother. With Fibro it is not as easy as it used to be *sigh*.

Last weekend, I made and decorated a cake for our son’s high school graduation party. After “writing” Congratulations with the icing bag, I thought my hand was going to never stop throbbing and would permanently stay in the fist-like position. I continued on with his name, only the letters were not as smooth as I used to write over the past twenty years of cake decorating! My hand shook uncontrollably and my eyes held back the tears of pain. I was determined to do this for my son as I have for every birthday he’s been alive to witness!! The letters now looked like zig-zag letters, Oh, well, I did try. These hands of mine would not cooperate!! Well, by this time, my hips, shoulders, back and elbows were screaming at me! I left the mess to be cleaned up by the graduate himself and slowly paddled my way down the hall. I was on a mission to find my daughter because I was in need of assistance with the shower!!! (My body was boldly proclaiming HOT WATER!)! I could not even unfasten my, uh…bra…YEP, I was in pretty bad shape! Wonderful daughter to the rescue! One might ask why did I not ask my husband?? Well, his left hand is still recovering from his wrist surgery (T-plate and seven screws) and he can scarcely button his own shirt, let alone help me.

Okay, so into the shower I went, fisted hand and all. We won’t talk about how I got dressed…
Graduation weekend was now over (cake was delicious and a success, or so I was told…) and the coming week looked L-O-N-G. I do try to rest, but life has a way of not letting you do that, haha- Piano lessons, dealing with the insurance guy from the car accident our other daughter was in, fighting off the migraine from the weekend on Monday…and again on Tuesday, succumbing to the pain in a frenzy of feeling the Ibuprofen fight with the head and joint pain…(which, for me is often worse) and sleeping it off hoping to wake up to it GONE.

Okay, back to everything life was doing while I was stalled out…music practice, watering the garden, oh, and of course, COOKING meals, doing LAUNDRY and taking a day to go shopping with my oldest daughter for fabric for the baby’s room… (and did I mention I will be assisting in the sewing of the bumper pads and curtains???) Sidebar: Now, I do love to sew, I am actually quite creative, but sewing does not like me anymore. My daughter knows this and now I have 5 months to work on it little by little. Good thing since the whole “push til you drop” philosophy just does not work for me anymore. It is our first grandchild after all, and I want to do this!!! End of sidebar.
And, to top it off I ended my week at the wonderful “stay in the system” checkup at your friendly neighborhood doctor’s office. I seriously feel hypochondriatic when I am at these blessed appointments. Nothing like speaking out-loud what you don’t even like to think about. *another sigh*…and then, More blood work. It seems like I am destined for continual pain. Life keeps going, we must go with the life. It is the current we are swept into…But I will try to go slower….I….will….try….

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