Living Daily with Fibromyalgia

Travel and Fibro Pain Don’t Mix

Travel and Fibro always leave me hurting!

Well, this past weekend I traveled 1.5 hours away and celebrated 27 years with the love of my life. He is the best! We had a nice time. I was on Ibuprofen around the clock because I had another blessed PT appointment the day before. We ate at a sweet Italian restaurant Friday evening and on Saturday walked the waterfront clad in sun bonnet, sun glasses and sun screen (that is a lot of “sun” words for a person who is not supposed to be in the sun…) and then went antique browsing. (I am blessed with a hubby who enjoys this!!!) After a couple of hours, I was ready to drop! I was so exhausted, could scarcely move my feet and the pains were emitting from everywhere! We stopped in at Steak and Shake for a bite of lunch and a much-needed rest. (Remember that my hubby has a bone marrow disease and he gets fatigued quite easily, but thankfully does not have the pains I do!!) It was a nice afternoon spent together making memories, nonetheless, and then we headed home.

The next day we all went to church, came home, grilled, rested and watched the kiddos play.

Monday morning…well, let’s just say that I don’t remember much of it except that I could NOT get comfortable all night, I hurt so badly. I was freezing cold-and under two quilts! Finally at 5:30 am, I made myself take some Ibuprofen and fell back in bed. I awoke at 6:30am in a pool of sweat and pulled myself up only to realize that today would not be a vertical day! I told my husband goodbye and have a nice day, and he said “go back to bed”-I must have looked pretty bad, huh??? haha

The pains were EvErYWhErE-places I did not even know could hurt, hurt. I felt like I had the flu. Was it from the Anniversary sun walk? Too much sun or too much walk?? Or both?? The car travel? The change in the weather??…hmmmm, it was a lot cooler…The PT??? Oh, and I am sure I had a fever earlier that morning, too. Was this a Lupus flare? A Fibro flare? I did not even care… Pain is pain. What causes it is the question of the hour. Let’s not psychoanalysis it to death.

Okay, so I willingly obeyed my sweet man and fell back into bed and awoke on and off until noon. More Ibuprofen, more pain. MORE PAIN? Okay, so I finally made it back to the land of the living for a little while…well, til about 2pm and found myself waking up at 3pm. ┬áNeedless to say, it was not a good way to start my week. I changed my next PT appointment from Tuesday morning, to afternoon (remember my promise to see this through???) Today is Tuesday…in the afternoon. I do not want to leave. I still hurt. I am writing this in pain. If it were not for auto correct, you would not be able to read this.

Remember, this is supposed to be a blog about the day in the life of a Fibro Mom. That requires me to write DAILY about my life. ┬áThank you in advance for your assumed understanding that this will not be daily read. I am trying. Like my poetry page…which I do plan to add to….soon.

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