Fibromyalgia Migraines, Fibromyalgia Pain

When a Fibromyalgia Migraine hits…

Today was a Fibromyalgia migraine day.

I awoke with the familiar feeling of how migraines befall me. The normal awakening to feeling run over and hurting was there, but it was the deep joint aching. Almost a burning feeling. Like your tendons and ligaments are literally peeling away from the bone. That hazy head feeling with a throb or two off in some distant place inside your skull.

Well, I could not stay in bed even though I wanted to. And I wanted to… “But why?”…my thoughts asked me. “Why can’t I???” My mind was all jumbled up this morning! “Oh, yes,” I think as my muddy mind starts to separate a bit and the words begin to form a puzzle of words together, “Now I remember.” My daughter had to have an X-ray and blood work done at the hospital this morning. I must get going.

So, I began the getting up process. Slowly…step by step, squishy flip-flops on to help the feet…

An hour later we were off. I asked one of my sons to drive us there because I was hurting. He gladly said yes. That was nice!

Three hours later we arrived home. My head was throbbing in waves and then the nausea befell me and it was all over. Three Ibuprofen and a cup of water,  a bite of protein bar for it all to land on, and off to my room I went, apologizing to the kiddos for my abrupt exit as I mumble “It’s another one of ‘those’ headaches…” and I scuffled down the hall.

Why didn’t I take the Motrin before I left you may ask??? Because one of “these” headaches and when I take the Ibuprofen actually makes me feel worse before it gets better. If I don’t sleep through the battle of meds and pain, it kills me. Had I taken the meds and then tried to drive…no way! Even with my son driving, I would not have been able to function for my daughter’s sake. Nope. It had to be at home where I could rest. It’s a sad state I was in, to be sure.

So, three hours later, I awoke, and I now write this to you all. My head is over the hump. The pain is off to some distant place in my head and I pray not to return anytime soon. Unfortunately, Ibuprofen does not help my joint pain, really. I currently feel almost paralyzed from the pain in my shoulders and hips. This tin “man” needs an oil can!! Rusty I feel. But not to sing, I’m afraid.  (Some if you are happy for that! Hahaha) it’s like morning all over again. My brain blots out much of the things before the headache hits, too. I feel like I’ve lost a day.

I do a lot of praying and even more than usual, on these days. I ask myself “What caused the migraine today?” I still cannot pinpoint that one. I had PT yesterday…but I went in hurting and on Ibuprofen in the hopes of easing the discomfort…I pulled weeds a day and a half ago for 10-20 minutes, trying to allow my Mum’s to breathe so I can enjoy their beauty in a couple months…maybe that’s it. I did cut up 15 pounds of boneless chicken breasts yesterday for “quick” meal options. Those repetitious movements are hard on me… maybe that’s it. Regardless, it happened. I go crazy some days trying to figure out what I did two days ago that caused me more pain two days later. It’s not raining today, either.  It’s a paradox.

I now need to figure out what to make for dinner…but do it very, very slowly.


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