Living Daily with Fibromyalgia

We Interrupt this Day for a Major Fibro Flare

So, today I had a major Fibro flare.

See, I sewed yesterday with my ten-year old daughter who has been wanting me to teach her how to sew an apron. (It was on my summer “to do” list and well, it is summer, after all.) Of course that means I had to make an apron for myself so she could follow along. Six hours in a chair is WAY too long for a Fibro victim. (It was an intricate pattern with ruffles and gathers and cutsie-like) ¬†She was proud as could be of her apron, though, and she decided to be head chef last night just to wear it! Fettuccine¬†Alfredo was on her menu and it was quite good! I’d say it was a home-school home-economics success day!

This is where the Fibro flare begins. I awoke this morning and could scarcely move. Major Tin Man syndrome! Nonetheless, my pie baker and I decided it was a jam making day… (those darn berries and peaches just HAD to ripen today!!!) 20+ jars of home-made strawberry and fresh peach jam later and I cannot move my shoulders or hips for anything! I even had to walk outside to get into the upper level of our home when done. Stairs would not be happening today!! (Our home came with a canning kitchen in the basement. Great for canning, but not for Fibro stair climbing!)

Now my head is hazy and I have just awoken from a rest to which my joints are not finished resting…what did I do recently to cause this??? (Fibro fog)….oh, yes. Jam. We made jam (was that today???)…that means a lot of chopping and stirring (repetitious movements and Fibro don’t mix!) But the end results, well…that is something to smile about!

It’s just a normal day for this Fibro Momma…now I am craving a piece of toast with that fabulous peach jam…


Fresh Peach and Strawberry Jam we made this summer 2017


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