Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Fibro Monday Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Today is Monday of Thanksgiving week and I’ve been cooking down pumpkins! Cooking and Fibromyalgia don’t often go together!!  Good thing I had my handy list available to keep me on track! (Fibro-fog!) That list said I was to cook down pumpkins today for pie! Did I succeed? Well, 4 pumpkins gave their lives for our Thanksgiving table, yielding enough for 5 pies plus about 10 more throughout the coming year which was frozen in 3 cup increments!

I’ll admit I conked out about 2pm for an hour. My whole body just went “slump!” See, I have 2 ovens but one is downstairs and the other is on the main level.  Carrying trays of pumpkin up and down, plus bending over to put them in and pull them out is rough on a Fibro body! All my helpers were outside raking leaves into piles (and jumping in them) and so I was on my own! But that is okay because we will be having the freshest pumpkin pies on our street!

Tomorrow’s list is much longer and this Fibro Momma needs to get rested up to bake 8 pies tomorrow!

May you and I get a good night’s rest…



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