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Fibro Tuesday and Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Baking

Well, It is Tuesday afternoon of Thanksgiving week and I just finished baking 6 pumpkin pies, one coconut cream and one vanilla cream pie. My “helpers” have been fighting a virus that causes a headache and makes them lethargic and seems to last about 24 hours so I baked all the pies, save the vanilla cream that my oldest daughter at home helped with.  (Her 24 hour bug ended yesterday).

I was fortunate to have had my oldest son at home help me make (all) the pie crusts before he left for work at the bank and his college classes early this morning. The recipe I have used for years makes enough for 20 pie crusts that are freezable. With the size of our family, that is a much-needed recipe!!! It makes the most amazing, tender, flaky pie crusts, too! All that mixing is taxing on my joints and I was super excited when he said he’d help!

My pies turned out pretty good and my daughter even made her Beau a sweet potato pie!

Earlier today, I had my younger “headachers” sit and string cranberries and popcorn for our Christmas tree that will be going up (Lord willing) this coming weekend. Stringing cranberries and popcorn is a family tradition during Thanksgiving week. It gives the kiddos something to do, while keeping us all together while baking. All those luscious looking cranberries made me begin to crave some cranberry bread and so I spontaneously made some!  (As I type this, I can smell it baking.)

I also made the home-made cranberry sauce and cut up the onions and celery for the stuffing.

I admit this was not how I envisioned my week, nor is it how I wrote out my list for the week!  Normally, I have too much help and today I was on my own. That makes it rougher on a Fibro body. At one point I thought I was not doing too bad considering…but then I remembered I had taken Motrin at 9am for a migraine I felt coming on like a train speeding out of control…I guess it took the edge off because I had forgotten I took it.  However, when I stopped to rest, the moment was gone and my body just screamed at me! The pains came from some deep, dark, recessed area of my joints and even my bones ached.

I have decided to make the casserole that is on my list for today on Thanksgiving morning instead and just take it easy the rest of the day. With the time change, it gets dark in the Midwest around 4:30pm. That makes for a longer evening with the family, which I adore. I love this time of year!!

I hope your holiday baking is not too taxing on you!

God Bless!

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