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Fibromyalgia-When the family gets sick

When you have Fibromyalgia life does not stop, not even when family gets sick. The chores still need to get done. The dinner still needs to get made. The laundry still needs to be washed.

If you suffer from this dread condition and are raising a family, I can relate to you. I have a lot of people who depend on me each day.

Currently, I have a sickness rattling my home that the appears to be the Flu.  It has (so far) affected my two youngest. This means, of course, that this Fibro-Momma has to work double time! When the kiddos throw up, Momma has to take care of them, then wash the bedding, clothes, etc. Fever reducers must be administered around the clock. That means no sleep for the weary! It means pulling yourself up when your joints want to stay in the warm bed. That means pushing yourself for the sake of others. There is no room for selfishness when you have a sick one (or household)!

Back in the day I was always the Mom who never slept when the kiddos were sick. I rocked them, sang to them, made them home-made chicken-noodle soup, Jell-O, etc.

Home-made Chicken-noodle soup I made today

Now that I have Fibromyalgia, I still want to do these things, but it is at a cost. Home-made chicken soup is easy enough to make. It just takes time and effort. Well, I did make it and it was delicious! The perfect food for a cold winter’s day and very sick little ones! My hands are a mess from cutting the veggies and de-boning the chicken, but it was worth it!

I told my husband the other day that if I came down with the Flu, I doubt I would know it because most days I feel so achy and my joints scream at me that I feel like I’ve got the Flu! He compassionately said I would get a fever and then I’d know. Well, I guess so.

In the mean time, I have been running our house with only one older child to help as the others have all left for New Year’s celebrations. It is the coldest winter we have had in years and we have been hauling more firewood, breaking ice in water troughs every few hours and trying to keep warm!

My body aches and is stiff (cold weather does not help this) and so far only my youngest two are down. It makes for quieter days, but not much rest for me.

So what do you do? Find restful things to do with your sick child or children. Listen to CD Book tapes, watch a movie together, read to them. Momma’s body needs rest, too, and we need to get it whenever we can! Nap when they nap and drink plenty of water!

So from my home to yours-Stay warm, stay healthy and stay rested!

Happy New Year!

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