Homeschooling with Fibromyalgia

Homeschooling with Fibromyalgia

Homeschooling with Fibromyalgia can be a challenge. It’s now January of 2018 and I am trying to get back into the swing of the school schedule.

That means I have been preparing schedules for me to follow; schedules for me to adhere to when I’m having a (new normal) pain day, an “I feel like I have arthritis everywhere” day or a complete “I cannot even move today” day.

These schedules are good things to prepare when my brain is working, but if I stop before I complete a thought and then go back to finish it, I usually forget what my brain was thinking earlier. That means I need to push myself to get the thoughts out before I stop and that causes problems of its own. Oh, and if the kiddos interrupt me, it’s all over. My brain shuts off.

So when do I prepare these schedules,  you may ask?

Good question.  It can take me days to finish one because I’m trying to chase the rabbits of my thoughts from another day. It’s frustrating!

Schedules for me are an important part of our homeschool. Children need structure, routine, and schedules.

My Fibro brain needs them also to get through my days when my brain is mud. On those days I can refer to the schedule and (appear to) go on as normal.

(NORMAL??? What is normal?)

Sitting in a chair typing schedules on a PC is cumbersome and painful. Tonight I could scarcely get up from a seated position due to the computer work of the afternoon. But these schedules are vital to my success in what I have been doing for over 20 years.

I love to homeschool! It is my life. I have 9 glorious years left, too!

These schedules I create are more like guidelines than actual rules, but it helps keep my brain in check while going through my days.

(Provided my brain will stay with it long enough to get them completed.)

3 schedules down-3 to go.

After the holidays, I am looking forward to routine again.

I pray your brain works well for you this new year. I pray your pain will stay at bay while you endeavor to pace yourself and make schedules for your life,  no matter what your days may entail.

Happy New Year from a schedulized, Homeschooling, Fibro-Momma. (Or at least trying to be…)



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