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Fibromyalgia and Driving

Fibromyalgia and driving don’t go hand-in-hand, at least for me. My experiences have always been less than agreeable. Even going shopping or to the city for a doctor’s appointment, wreak havoc on my body.

Yesterday,  I had to drive over an hour to take one if my sons to a doctor’s appointment in the city. I scheduled my day around it and planned to stop at a few local stores. In the past this has always been a bad decision and yesterday was no exception.

I am limited to getting in and out of my vehicle to no more than 3 times per outing. By the time we left the city and then stopped at the last store closer to home, I had to lift my right leg into the passenger side and asked my son to drive the rest of the way home as my knee and hip had locked up and were throbbing.

When I awoke this morning, my body let me know that it was not happy (is it ever, anymore?). But what is worse is the hazy feeling in my head which is usually indicative of a pending migraine.

These are regular occurrences in my Fibro life. I just have to plan a down day after a travel day.

But what if the “schedule” won’t allow for a down day?

Sometimes that happens and today is one if them.

My husband has a work dinner party that we must attend this afternoon.  Looks like I’ll be resting until then. My body won’t let me do otherwise, even if I tried.

I guess the ironing and mending will have to wait for another day…which my hands could not do, anyway.

That 24-48 hour Fibro delay thing always holds true and by tomorrow I will be worse off than I am today. And driving is especially hard with sitting upright and it is also hard on my hands with holding the steering wheel. *sigh*

It’s just the way life is these days.

So, happy Saturday to you and gentle hugs!

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