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When a Fibromyalgia Flare Never Seems to End

When a Fibromyalgia flare never seems to end, what do you do? How about when “life” seems to overtake you and the Fibro has you immobilized and you can barely move from the intense pain that has befallen your Fibro body, what about that? Does your pain seem to come and go on different parts of your body on different days making you feel like a hypochondriac?

Fibromyalgia is a very misunderstood condition that causes widespread body pain that comes and goes based on what you do (or don’t do) and can make getting through one’s day (or night) quite difficult. 

I felt a flare begin six days ago. Today I am in a full-blown-no-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-fibro-flare. I’m talking MAJOR pain. Last week it was my hips and knees making it difficult to get up from a sitting position, drive and just do life.

We are remodeling our guest bathroom and my assistance was needed at times to help carry out large items, which did not help. (Was my assistance really needed? Depends on who you ask. My help DID help expedite the process, just saying.) Over the weekend, my daughter had an asthma attack causing me to be up and down with her throughout the night, per her Asthma Action Plan. The next day, our family also played music an hour and a half away. I probably should have stayed home, but I love to minister to the people. They help me as much as (I hope) our music helps them. However, halfway there, I knew this flare was about to triple. True to my past experiences, my body threw a fit. This time it was my neck, shoulders (and shoulder blades) and arms, leaving my fingers feeling quite cold and tingling.

Six hours later, we got home and I took a hot shower. I heated two rice socks and with the help of a heating pad, I laid down. I still could not find release from the incredible pain that had befallen me. I could not even turn my head.  By midnight I tried to get up (took me 30 minutes) and swallowed several Ibuprofen and drank a whole cup of water. That is a necessary thing to do if you take Ibuprofen. Your vital organs need the water to properly distribute the meds with the least bit of damage occurring. 

It seemed like it took forever for the meds to kick in; for me to finally get into a comfortable position to sleep. But, sleep did finally arrive, or must have, because I awoke at first light and found my pain rising with the sun. (Why can’t Ibuprofen last 12 hours??) I have tried Naproxon Sodium with little effect, just saying. 

My life continues and my pain does, too.

Truly this is the worst flare I have had in a while. How do I handle it? 

With a lot of prayer and an understanding family. Actually, my family gets upset with me when I do things that may (most likely will) cause a flare. I fight my old nature daily. My old go-get-em, get-em-done personality. I try to simplify my life, but life never seems to be simplifiable. (Is that even a word???)

I struggle daily with Fibromyalgia pain, but I cannot let it get me down. My pain waxes and wans, burns brightly and then dims, knocks me off my feet and can (quite often) keep me there. I have had to curb my desire to deep clean, sweep the patio and scrub the floors. I have had to learn to “downward-delegate” and hope for the best! 

I often feel robbed of the me I once knew and try to (find) embrace the new me.

I am a work in progress. When the fiery darts seem to fly, I must dodge them and lay low. (But dodge s-l-o-w-l-y, or It’ll begin a flare!)

The one thing about flares is they don’t last. They may last longer than others, but they eventually fade…and come back…and fade…and…come…back…

The Lord is my strength.

Gentle, gentle hugs today-and forgive me if I just stand there. My arms are not working well…

~The Fibro Momma of Ten

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