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Here Comes the Sun

Good Friday! And yes, it is a good Friday, because the sun has finally decided to show itself! It has been a very dreary and wet early spring. I regret to say that I have not felt much like writing. I have been sad with my Navy Sailor returning back to his post after a wonderful visit! It was a deserved visit for him after 6 months under the sea! (And well deserved for this Momma who has missed him terribly!

His departure was followed by rain, rain and, um…more rain. The rain wreaked havoc on my Fibro body and it has been all I can do just to function physically. That, coupled with sorrow and it makes a double dose of pain!

Today brought The sun out and I basked in its heavenly glory, willing every ounce of its goodness to seep into my very soul to sustain me until it comes out again, for you see, rain is the forecast for the coming days after tonight.

I got to listen to the sound of a lawn mower as my dear husband got ready the one the girls ride on for fun. The squeals and delights and folk song singing from the accompanying trailer hitched to the back was music to my ears! Pun intended!!

This week we are finishing up a study on the Great Depression, which includes this evening’s “Hobo Stew” and crusty bread that my three lovelies made. The table is set with metal pie plates and cake pans, mason jars for drinking “dirty water” (heavily diluted apple juice), all turned upside down because of the “dust” flying through the air (The Dust Bowl was studied, too.) After that, we are to be entertained with a line-up of old folk songs they will be singing with the guitar, per the era, with intermittent clips of time era information. Home-schooling at its finest!!

All these things make my heart happy, even as my body screams pain at me all day long. I am blessed beyond measure!

Life is good and so is our Savior, Jesus Christ, who we are thankful came and died for us so we might go to heaven.

Happy Resurrection weekend and gentle hugs!

My Navy son knows how much I love Yankee Candles that smell like pancakes and waffles! Plus, he has not let a year go by without getting me an Easter Lily. I awoke to them both while he was here.
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