Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Living in the Midwest with Fibromyalgia

I suffer from Fibromyalgia.

I have multiple days in a row where I seem to have more energy and I also have trouble sleeping.

Then, I have found the opposite to be true; days in succession where I am so fatigued I can barely function.

Whether I have energy or am fatigued, every single day I hurt somewhere.

Mostly joints and deep muscle aches; a burning sort of pain, sometimes sharp and stabbing.

Sometimes it is like I can feel the ligaments being pulled from the bone.

But on those fatigued days, the pain seems worse.

On the “I cannot sleep” days, I seem to suffer from Fibro brain fog issues.

I have charted this for over a year and can see a “rollercoaster ” type wave sweeping over my months.

Is it hormones?

Is it stress?

Is it from cleaning (like sweeping, scrubbing bathtubs, etc?)?

Is it the midwest weather where the temps fall and rise every other day this time of year causing the barometric pressure to wreak havoc on this Fibromyalgia body?

Does anyone else feel this way?

Today, my brain would not cooperate.

Tonight I can literally feel my joints begin to scream as I struggle to find sleep.

Today the high was 59 degrees. It will be 23 degrees when I wake up tomorrow.

Ah, Fibromyalgia!

You NEVER know what a day will bring to your body!

May your day bring you a clear mind and comfort in the pain.

God Bless-

The Fibro Momma of Ten

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