Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Fibromyalgia, Home-schooling and Multi-tasking

Today I am actually alone in my house.

Why is this noteworthy? Because I have a lot of children who still live at home. I have home schooled them for over 21 years and still have many more to go. I do not remember the last time I was home alone…

Now, the house was vacuumed and the dishes were done prior to their departure…by them! (They know I can relax better when things are organized and decluttered…) I am blessed!

So, here I am relaxing.

It is quiet…except for some soft music playing in the background, which on a normal day, I would never attempt, because I would never be able to hear it.

And as I sit here and type, I can feel my back locking up…a sort of burning pain, and I know I am limited to how long I can sit here and type. My body clock has begun ticking….

Pain is a part of my life every day.

I believe it is important (especially for adults) to let your mind wander and daydream. While I do not get that opportunity often, I know it is important to let your mind decompress and wander off to some sort of La-la-Land…. multi-tasking is over-rated and I for one feel that has contributed to my demise.

I once was the queen of multi-tasking!

Multi-tasking is one thing when you are bouncing a baby in a sling while stirring a pot on the stove, or sewing a pattern while taking a moment to change a diaper, or plan dinner. But mental multi-tasking is a stress all its own.

No one can handle that for long; I should know.

But, home schooling is multi-tasking at its finest! Switching gears from 2+2=4 to reducing fractions to solving a Sigma Notation Equation and back to 5×8=56 can make anyone brain dead by nightfall. After 20+ years of elementary math and 10 years of higher math woven throughout, oral reading of Dr. Seuss to The Chronicles of Narnia to Jane Austen, teaching the fundamentals of writing basic sentences to editing a high school Thesis paper, and then back to the ABC song…all in one day times 5 days a week, times 40 weeks per year, times 20 years…well, you get the idea, and this Momma’s brain is like…wha…??

Don’t get me wrong…I love what I do!

But now that I have Fibromyalgia, multi-tasking and I are not the same. Good thing is, I now only have three children left to teach and the elementary part is almost over, so the switching of gears is not as complex.

My children all have their routine established and I (do my best) to pace myself daily. We all work together (most days!) and school is quite enjoyable!

Throw in the always in use…never can get away from…smart phone and one’s mind is slowing frying…

Yes, I have a smart phone, and yes, I hate how it has become a necessary part of this life. It makes switching gears almost impossible.

So here is to S-L-O-W-I-N-G down, stopping to smell the roses, taking one day at a time, enjoying all the little things in life, and all the other cliche’ sayings we have heard over the years. Someone wrote them for a reason…

I hope you get to take some time today to just stare out of the window and let your mind wander…

God Bless- The Fibro-Momma of Ten

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