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Fibromyalgia Pain Waves

My Fibromyalgia pain is always there, hovering, sometimes just on the surface, ready to become a flare at any moment.

I have recently had a few weeks where my pain was manageable and getting through the day was not too bad. 

About a month ago I had a flare that lasted 6 straight days. It was a beast! The pain, cognitive dysfunction, stress  and the desire to sleep all the time was a 24 hour issue! In fact, I found myself waking up several times a day in different places in my home to where, I guess, I just lay down to rest and fell asleep without meaning to. It was a dreadful week! 

Ironically, these past few weeks after that has been relatively pleasant for me. Crazy, since I am always in varying pain from the Fibro. 

I try not to live in fear of an impending flare…but on a day like today, when it has stormed all night, emotional stress for two days prior, grocery shopping two days ago and spending yesterday catching up on some much needed mending, I awoke to nothing but pain that I know will be difficult to manage.

I have that bruised feeling all over my body in patches that made me hurt to roll over while sleeping, causing me to wake up constantly. Plus the added feeling that your ligaments are being pulled off your joints. In the past, those have been signs of an impending flare…*think positive…*think positive…

A recent trip to the Podiatrist shows both feet with Plantar Fasciitis and possible Bursitis,  which a sonogram will deny or confirm in a couple weeks. So, on top of my “normal” Fibro pain, I now have the added issue of struggling to walk…more so than usual!!!

So, today is going to be hard. I pray it is only today and not a flare rearing its ugly head.

I pray your day finds you rest and peace from the daily pains that may plague you.

God Bless-

~The Fibro Momma of Ten 


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