Fibromyalgia Pain

Smile to Hide the Pain?

I consider myself to be a relatively happy person. My life can be difficult with the constant pain from Fibromyalgia, but if I can find the happiness in a situation, it is better for everyone in my life.

If I am around people who are gloomy, it does nothing to help my pain. In fact, it aggravates it. I try not to let other’s moods effect me, but they do.

No where is it written that life is easy because you have no physical pain. No where is it written that life is easy because you don’t.

For some chronic pain sufferers it is downright hard to live daily. For others, the hardships are of their own making because of their negative attitudes and non-acceptance of their pain condition. And still others seem to have that effervescent joy no matter what pain they are going through. They may have continuous pain that no one can see, but their smile would never make you think they are suffering at all. I am not speaking of a fake smile, either. I am talking about a genuine, honest to goodness smile that radiates from within. You know the type. You probably also know the opposite type I described above.

Now, the question is, which type are you?

I want to be the type of person that people could scarcely tell how badly I hurt…and mean it.

I recently went to Arizona for eight days. I went for many reasons, but while there, I secretly wanted to wake up one morning and have all the pain be gone. You know, due to the fresh air, the climate, the fact that I had no obligations or stress to speak of…maybe one of those reasons would cause my Fibromyalgia to just evaporate and drift away on the peaceful winds of the mountain air.

Unfortunately, I am not able to report this to have happened.

Instead, I was reminded that I DO have Fibromyalgia and it is NOT going away.

The change in atmosphere did me good in other ways, but I still had to pace myself, take Ibuprofen as needed, and rest often. But through it all, I did my best to smile…a genuine smile, which I did have readily available.

Acceptance of the medical condition you have is vital to how you will get through each day.

My prayer is that you find peace along your journey and discover the smile that is waiting to rise to the surface of your face!

May Jesus help you find your way to Him…and that smile!

God Bless-

~The Fibro Momma of Ten

Springtime in the Catalina Foothills in Tucson, Arizona. Bright blue sky and large saguaro cactus.
Springtime in the Catalina Foothills in Tucson, Arizona.
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