Fibromyalgia and the weather

Fibromyalgia Zombie

Today I am zombified. Is that a word? Well, when you have Fibromyalgia, it should be a word.

My definition of zombified is when you wake up and suddenly realize your body and mind don’t work. You feel intense pain in all your joints, down your spine…everywhere, kinda like the immediate onset of influenza! Your mind is mush and you can barely function on any level. You are staring out into space and would be content to just sit all day…and do nothing, because that is all you can do.

Zombified…That is me today.

Having Fibromyalgia, I never know what a day will bring. Today it brought this.

Last week in the Midwest, the weather brought a heat advisory with humidity in the upper 90’s and the heat index of 106. It was so hot and muggy you could scarcely breathe outside. Oddly, my Fibro symptoms were mild.

Yesterday a cold front came through and knocked the temps down into the 70’s with the humidity even lower! yeah! Well, “yeah” to enjoy sitting outside, but NOT “yeah” to my Fibro body. The switch in atmosphere has done a number on me and now I am “zombified.”

Three cheers for Fibromyalgia!

What, no cheering? Even I can hear that!

I pray you have a great day no matter where you are…and how you feel.

God Bless-

~The Fibro Momma of Ten

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