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Fibromyalgia and Extreme Weather Changes Don’t Mix 

What is a major FIBRO day? Well, today is, of course! Why? Because today’s episode is due to a change in the weather. 

Rain, wind, and storms make for a very blustery fall day and it is what I awoke to today.

I knew what type of weather it was before my eyes opened. The pressure in my chest, the pain in my joints.  The overall amazingly sore muscles. It feels like you’ve got the flu…

Even your scalp hurts. You wiggle your toes and the pains shoot up to your knees. And Oh! Those knees! I should have known last night this was coming because my knees were screaming at me with every movement!

So, because of the 30 degree drop in 2.5 hours, you feel like all your bones have been dislocated. Like the scarecrow laying on the yellow brick road all in pieces…

Can anyone else relate?

Today is a MAJOR Fibro day! The kind when you want (someone else) to light a fire and allow you to curl up by it with a good book and rest.

Maybe your day will allow that! Maybe you have someone there with you who will give your body what it needs. Count your blessings if you do!

But, perhaps your alone. Just the idea of getting up to use the bathroom seems overwhelming, let alone make a fire! Ha! Once you pander down the hallway, just find a TVfire video and stream it! Turn the volume up and enjoy the crackily sounds.  Then curl up with a book! It might not be the same thing, but it may offer a way to bring some rest.

Who cooks on these sort of Fibro days?

This is where you plan on a good day to plan for a bad day.

Canned soups and saltines are an option…whether you live alone or not. It’s a good fall back and something to always keep on hand!

Just promise you’ll eat! Pain or not!

So here is to all my fellow Fibros…no matter what the weather is in your neck of the woods! Gentle hugs your way on this most stormy and blustery of autumn days yet!


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