Fibromyalgia Pain, Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Living Through Daily Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia pain is a constant, never-ending type of pain that Fibros battle daily with no reprieve in sight.

Here is a post about part of a “normal” day in the life of a Fibro-Momma…


So I just came inside from a forced walk in our pasture with my dog. I say forced, not because the weather was unagreeable, nor because the pasture was unpleasant to walk in, but forced because I literally had to make myself get out there and force my body to walk.

I usually do not share how I’m feeling with others. Those close to me can see the pain in my eyes as I maneuver my way through my day. But, if someone were to stop me and ask me how I was feeling at any given moment, if I were to reply, they would wonder why I was standing up at all!

Currently my hips are throbbing from the walk. A burny, intense deep-seeded, yet on the surface type of pain.

While I was walking, my hips felt like they were just dangling off the joints. My back was screaming at me for rest and it felt like my ribcage was coming apart. My elbows and wrists were pulsating  from the constant shuffling of the leash back and forth as I walked my dog. And I don’t have a large dog! I have a Dachshund!

My Dachshund

The pain that I’ve described is nothing new for me. My Fibromyalgia started several years ago and has just become a part of my life.

Mornings are the worst and it’s all I can do just to get out of bed. As the cool weather begins to roll in it makes it even harder to get up due to the pains! I literally have to will myself out of bed and deal with the morning routine of “Let the morning pain begin!”

As a home school mother of four students still at home to teach, that alone demands my attention! And I love what I do! But again, the pain that I feel everyday is something that I have learned to adjust to and I try my best to get through the days-pain and all.

Today, we did school lessons and afterward I began to attack the pile of mending that has been calling my name for weeks. I sat before my sewing machine for 1-1/2 hours while I mended this garment and fixed that one. It is something that needed to be done and something I’ve always enjoyed! However, my hips and back were not happy with me for sitting in that chair! The reason for my walk this evening was to help keep my joints moving. Sometimes it seems backwards to go through so much pain because the walk ultimately causes me more pain tomorrow! But I want to stay healthy, and keep my heart healthy, and exercise is vital!

I am so thankful for the land that we live on and the ability to have the opportunity to walk in our beautiful grassy pasture on a wonderful autumn day. Our land brings me a comfort that I cannot describe! Even through the pain it helps me and brings me some sort of peace.

The view from our pasture.

Autumn is my favorite season and I love to hear the leaves crunch under my feet as I walk through our yard! I love the way the air smells. I also love the way the sky looks and the colors on the trees! 

So, here I am, in my usual state of intense pain, trying to describe how I really feel all while (doing my best) to keep a positive outlook. 

Currently, I’d have to say I feel like a crumpled piece of paper which can never be laid smooth again.  (Sigh)

A hot shower is before me and then I will settle into bed in the hopes that the pain will not cause tears to cloud my eyes as the pains radiate throughout my very being; praying that sleep will find me and stay with me. That I will not toss and turn as the pains awaken me and keep me in a semi-awake state til morning.

I do love my life! I have had to learn to embrace the way my life currently is and roll with it. It took a long time for that to happen, too. The days go by one by one. I try to pace myself and live each day the best I can. My husband and children are understanding and helpful! That alone is a blessing!

If you are suffering from Fibromyalgia, Lupus or another Chronic Invisible Illness, keep communications up with your loved ones. Send them to websites like this one and countless others so they can begin to understand this is a real battle that we face. Let them see that you are not alone in your pain. Help them to be able to help you.

So, from one Fibro to another, Gentle hugs and happy autumn!


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