Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Wednesday of Thanksgiving week with Fibromyalgia

Well, yesterday was Wednesday of my Thanksgiving week. I have Fibromyalgia and I feel like I have it…

I have been baking and preparing for Thanksgiving all week and I tried to complete the list I had made earlier in the week to keep me in track.

In conjunction with a turkey craft and Jell-o mold, I also made an apple pie with my two youngest daughters. My hands just cannot peel the apples as they once could! The reality is that I had to stop several times for the burning and aching in my hands to subside before continuing. (I could tell my body had had about all it was going to take! However, there was more to do!)

I then helped my daughter roll out the crust and mix the ingredients together.  Daughter number 2 (actually, she is number 10 and the last blessing of children I received!) helped me cut out the leaf shapes for the top of the pie.

I also made two coffee cakes, homemade refried beans as well as a Mexican chicken casserole for our Wednesday night dinner. I did not get to the two casseroles for our Thanksgiving Day meal, however. By 2pm I sank onto the bed for a much-needed rest. Approximately 23 minutes later, I was trying my best to pick up my body and keep going.

The positives in my day were the children who were feeling better and the fire my son built-in our double-sided fireplace that morning.

I just love a fireplace fire! It is super cozy and inviting. I also find it to be soothing and peaceful. That alone helped me through my day.

I fell asleep like a rock only to toss and turn all night.  It is then that this got written…it is my hope that if you are a Fibro sufferer, that your holiday baking week goes a bit better than mine! I still have more to do to see the Thanksgiving table be as picturesque as it can be! That will  (hopefully) occur today!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy meal prep!

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