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Thanksgiving with Fibromyalgia 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whew! It’s been quite a week. This morning I awoke feeling like a brick building had collapsed on top of me. I felt as if I had to will each brick off of me before I could even get up. My body is sore and achey.  It feels like the flu…only it’s not. That is a good thing, right? Well, the flu eventually leaves…and Fibro does not.

However, today is Thanksgiving! I have not even begun the day and that “power of positive thinking” thing has had to set in! (Or at least I am trying to get it to set in!)

Today us not about the meal…although these past few days of baking and cooking would lead one to believe it is!

Today is about being thankful.  I know, I know. Every day you are to feel thankful! Of course! But Thanksgiving Day is when we set aside a time to truly acknowledge what we are thankful for.

I admit that when you are in some form of constant pain, it may be difficult to find a thankful heart and attitude.

I have been there! Some days I still find myself there…

But today I must see the gifts,  the little treasures that God has given to me. Those hidden gems that we become used to seeing and may even take for granted.

So today I awoke hurting terribly.  The blessing in that is I hurt out of love. I hurt from the sacrifice from my desire to give to my family on a holiday as I always used to do. I hurt more because I love more. It’s a paradox!

Today I will pace myself as I have tried to do all week. We will eat turkey and all the trimmings! Tonight I will collapse in pain, but what good and loving memories I will have made!

For me it is worth it!

So as my day is just beginning, and you find yourself reading this, say a prayer for me. Say a prayer for all the Fibro sufferers out there who long to be back to their former selves and give to their families as they once did. Pray we can have a good Thanksgiving Day and see the blessings all around us!

Happy Thanksgiving from one Fibro warrior to another!…and God Bless!

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