Living Daily with Fibromyalgia

Exercise and Fibromyalgia

Exercise is vital to everyone’s health, but when you have Fibromyalgia, exercise seems like a daunting task. The daily pains from Fibro make even the simplest of chores seem overwhelming. How does one make an exercise regimen when just getting up and going is a task all its own? 

This seems to be a real question and concern for many Fibro sufferers. When I was first diagnosed three years ago my husband bought me an Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike. I began to implement the daily use of this fine piece of equipment, but I struggled. 

I struggled because it hurt.

I mean, really hurt.

Not muscle hurt.

But bone hurt and joint hurt.

And not just as I was using it, but after when I could barely get off of it…

…And two days later when I could scarcely move.

If I used it daily, then you realize that means I could barely move every-day.

I’d like to tell you it’s gotten better.

It hasn’t.

I walk when weather allows and I walk more than I ride the bike because I’m not giving up. Joint and bone pain seems to be my daily companions but I still need to keep my heart healthy.

So if my body says I can walk, I walk. If it thinks I can bicycle, I ride.  And if I cannot do either that is okay, right?

Of course, right!

I refuse to give up! Fibromyalgia gives me pain on top of pain every day, but it cannot rob me of me.

And it tries to….


I choose to fight!

Do you?

Gentle hugs –

The Fibro Momma of Ten

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