Homeschooling with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Knees

I have Fibromyalgia knees. What is that, you may ask? That, my friend is the price one pays for having a grand condition such as Fibromyalgia!

Fibro knees are sore.

Fibro knees feel like they are swollen-but there is no sign of swelling.

Fibro knees hurt to sit down and then stand back up.

Fibro knees can scarcely climb any amount of stairs.

Fibro knees cannot sit Indian style AT ALL.

Fibro knees hurt to stand, walk and (if you try it) hurt to ride a bicycle.

Yes, I have Fibro knees. My doctor recently ordered some X-rays on my knees, hips and feet-just to make sure there is nothing else to be concerned about. (Nothing else?????)

How do I get through a day?

Well, I start very slow…I sit up on the side of my bed for several minutes upon awakening. I slip my feet into my Crocs and slowly walk to the bathroom. The pain in my knees and feet are overwhelming! (It is way too early to feel overwhelmed!) Sitting to use the toilet is so fun and standing is even better. (note the sarcasm-and grim facial expression!)

Once up and dressed, it now takes me 30-45 minutes to maneuver my way to the kitchen. Our school room is in our basement and I have found it best to walk outside (no matter what the weather-seriously…snow is easier than stairs these days) and go in through the basement door than walk down the stairs. If I use the stairs, my Fibro knees will throb and I will be rendered pretty useless. (Sigh)

Let’s just say I avoid the stairs when at all possible.

AH! Fibro knees!

Rest is crucial! I have tried ice and heat to no avail. NSAIDS don’t do the trick, either.

I sometimes teach with a leg propped up or in a recliner with two legs propped up! But I do teach! I love my kiddos and I love to teach them!

If you have Fibro knees, see your doctor. It may be that something else is brewing. I shall await my results and pray it is nothing more.

After all, isn’t Fibromyalgia enough to deal with?????

God bless and gentle hugs!

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  1. Makes my heart hurt deeply to read this. Between my daughter and my son I get waves of sadness reading this blog and seeing how Fibro affects one physically–suffering with grave silent invisible diseases is a terrible thing.

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