Fibromyalgia Pain

Cold Weather and Fibromyalgia

Today was a tough one. After all the cooking that was done by me the past few days, what with Valentine’s Day and a son’s birthday (which yielded 14 people) this Fibro body was struggling.

Add a previously scheduled photo shoot this afternoon for our family’s 5th Bluegrass music CD cover (taken by your friendly neighborhood photographer…moi’) on rather a blustery winter day, and you have the makings of Fibro-body-disaster!

The pictures came out great, by the way! The models (six kiddos from age 9-22) all worked together! (yippee!! and not much stress…)

However, when I came inside, my body locked up immediately and I literally could not move from the kitchen chair I had sat down on. I felt like I was covered in plaster-of-paris or buried in wet sand from the neck down for over 15 minutes. Was it from the past day’s activities, holding the camera up for an hour and a half, or the chilly temps? Maybe it was the fact that my son had to help me up from a squatting position almost every time while photographing instruments? Perhaps all of the above?

Regardless of the whys, there I sat.

I eventually began to slowly move my neck and hands. My daughter helped move my legs and after another minute or so, I sat rubbing my hips and knees all the while hoping my hands would hold out from my rubbing.

It was the worst I’ve ever been as it was my entire body all at once. Normally it is this and that pain today and some other pain tomorrow.

Every Fibro sufferer knows that they never know when or where the pain will strike.

It’s true.

Pains come and go with nary a warning. Such is the life of a Fibromyalgia sufferer.

The good news is I’m back to feeling my normal Fibro-self. That flare lasted about an hour, but it was a doozy!

Definition of “Normal Fibro-self”= relatively high pain throughout various areas in the body, difficulty sitting and standing and extremely hard to climb stairs, burning pain the joints and must-have Crocs for the tootsies. You know, NORMAL.

I am still stiff and sore and my hips burn something fierce! But I am thankful we got the pictures done! Now I can focus on something else. Like a new week. Tomorrow is Monday and a great way to begin anew!

Mondays offer a chance for a new start. A chance for the slate to be wiped clean and to make new goals for the week. Perhaps this week I will achieve some of my goals! So, make a list, check it twice, and do something on it. When you see that list grow smaller it will make you feel like you’ve done something! And you have! Good luck!

Happy Monday and gentle hugs!




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