Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Fibromyalgia and NOT over-doing it!

I’m a Fibromyalgia Warrior and it’s the last week in February and the good Lord has given me a day of sunshine! So, after school lessons were done, we headed outside to enjoy the day! However, this Momma decided to attack the neglected patio due to dreary winter weather instead of sitting quietly in the sunshine. Was this a wise choice?

No, it wasn’t.

Now, I did enjoy getting out the broom and going at it. It actually felt good to do! I thought “Hmmm, maybe I am not as bad as I think…the stretching from sweeping actually feels good…maybe I will be able to work outside this spring with no pain or repercussions….”

This I thought as I swept…dreamily thinking of a beautifully manicured yard as my mind trailed off….and my body did not follow.

Yep, that’s right. My body locked up.

Not right away, of course.

No, it tricked me into thinking I might actually be able to enjoy working outside again.

And then the pain hit me at about the same time my Navy son called me. (He just got back from deployment last week!)

“Hey, Mom, what are you doing?”

Well, that was not a question I wanted to answer…I knew he would not be happy with me. He may live over a day’s drive away and may have just come home from a six month deployment, but I knew he would not want to know what I had really been doing.

Of course I told him…

…Of course he told me…

…to STOP…

“Make a list,” he said,  “Of everything you need done and when I get leave to come home, I will do it.”

Well, now, that sounded like my son had grown into a man while he’d been gone.

Tears stung my eyes from being proud of my son and how much he cares for his Momma.

I admit, I knew I should not have even picked up the broom. This is my battle continually. My old self and the new one. Fibromyalgia steals away your old self and replaces it with, well, pain. Pain everywhere, all-the-time.

I promised my son I’d behave and pace myself. I promised I would sit and enjoy the sunshine.  After all, my sweet girls wanted me to sit with them and do that anyway. I should have listened….

But there is always so much that needs to be done…..

And there always will be.

Today’s lesson?? Don’t overdo it. Pace yourself and keep the pains at bay. There are plenty of pains just moving through the day naturally anyway, right?

I am thankful for my children who love me and don’t like to see me suffer. (Or find out about it via the telephone…)

Happy Monday and gentle hugs!

I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods…and that you are sitting and enjoying it.

I know I will be.

Our Navy son before he left for deployment in 2017.



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