Living Daily with Chronic Invisible Illness

Weather Changes and Pain

“There’s a change in the weather, says I”

Yep. It’s true. I don’t need the weather app to tell me a storm is coming. I can feel it.  Hours before it happens, I know. My hips, my knees, and my shoulders. You know, any part of me with ball and sockets…and everything on me that hinges and seemingly everything in-between just knows.

My head gets that hazy feeling and it’s downhill from there.

Wait. Can you go downhill if your already at the bottom?


For those with chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia, it’s a twisted sort of funny.  Almost sarcastically true.

Some days I feel like I plummet farther in body pain, but in reality, I think I just notice it more. Spring is a few weeks away and that means weather changes. It means rain. It means pain.

Okay, I mean more pain .

But not the normal pain of “rusty” feeling joints. No, but the deep, deep gnawing feeling that makes you feel like the tendons are being ripped off your bones and your joints are just dangling there. The feeling that you don’t want to move at all. The feeling that it’ll never end.

The good news is it will.

Well, no it won’t, but it won’t stay excruciatingly painful. It will become tolerable, but the question is when.  How long will that take?

That’s another good question that is highly personal and decidedly not answerable.

Again, if you deal with chronic pain you can understand all that I’ve written.

I have Fibromyalgia- The absolutely most ridiculous condition never to be understood except by those who suffer from it. 

The rain is coming, my body is aching. I feel bruised with no physical signs of bruises, I cannot sleep well, I awaken each time I roll over from my hips screaming at me.

Yes, this has not been a good day for me physically and I see no light for a couple of days, but it is my new normal.

My outlook is everything.

If I were to dwell on my pain, it would drive me and everyone around me mad.

My perspective is everything.

It must be a positive one…and I do my best to keep it that way.

No matter your pain, keep your head up and smile. Smiling does make a difference. Not just to those around you, but also to yourself.

Make smiling a habit. Find your sense if humor in the pain. It’s harder done than said.

I’m trying, are you??

Gentle hugs-

-The Fibro Momma of Ten-

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