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Fibromyalgia Surprises


Fibromyalgia means surprises but I never expected the surprise I got today.

Today I had a baby shower to attend at Noon and our family’s first music engagement of the year began at 4pm. I knew my body should not do both,  but the shower was for a dear friend’s daughter and I could not miss the music, so the decision was to do both and understand that tomorrow I would likely pay for this choice.

I rested most if the morning (Well, okay, I rested after I vacuumed and cleaned a bathroom.) Then I drove 25 minutes to the baby shower. I got home in time to rest 8 minutes before piling into our 15 passenger van and heading to the music event.

My adrenaline was still soaring three hours later and (after eating a buffet meal, mingling with oodles if people and holding a video camera for 20 minutes while the kiddos played) I went to sit down for the duration of the event when my body decided to  lock up on me. Literally from the neck down I could not move. This was the second time this has happened to me in about a month.

It’s rather concerning because I was so locked up I could not even will myself to move. (And I was sitting at a large table with over 200 people in the room, trying not to look like I was in so much pain and trying to look normal). This has never happened to me in public before, either.

Since I could not move, I tried to keep a pleasant look on my face, as I struggled internally to deal with this situation. The other musicians who played seemed to drag on as my pain increased.

At my prompting with grunts, my darling daughter came over to try to rub my hands. It hurt. Tears stung my eyes and I said, “No more.” Instead I slowly began to move my fingers and then my neck and after a while I was moving enough to clap gently when it was over. My sweet husband helped me up from the uncomfortable folding chair I was sitting in and then out into the fresh air I went being guided by my two girls.

Once home, I slowly made my way out of the vehicle, (determined to become one with a hot shower) when a car pulled in (bear in mind it was 9pm) and without a warning, my Sailor son jumped out to surprise his Momma!

And surprised I was! He had only just gotten back from his first 6 month tour last week and told me he could not return home for several months!

Needless to say, my ragged body went through the joys of emotion, complete with a newfound adrenaline surge enabling me to physically hug him as I cried from happiness to see my boy again!

We all visited for another hour when this Momma had to go to bed!

I am still in pain, still semi-locked up, but still happy!

Fibromyalgia causes surprises from pain in areas on our body for no reason and life brings you surprises for no reason, too.

Today I got both!

So here is to my United States Navy Seaman and the wonderful surprise he gave his Momma! May tomorrow be another day with (perhaps) less physical surprises! (And may I be able to get out of bed and function!!)


~The Fibro Momma of Ten

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