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Gardening with Fibromyalgia

Gardening can be rough on anyone but if you have Fibromyalgia, even rougher! This Fibro Momma will show you how it’s done!

So I decided to take a moment and write. I am waiting for the timer to go off on a batch of blueberry and a batch of banana muffins. I also just finished making a HUGE pot of baked potato soup for dinner, too. My Navy son is home on leave and it is one of his favorite meals!

My joints are all achey from watching (okay,,,helping) my kiddos begin our garden yesterday. I only raked two times. Really. But each time my body screamed at me. I did obey…and the kiddos brought me my lounge chair and some tea.

I am trying a straw bale garden again this year. It is easy and helps me not have to bend over so far. My eleven year old wanted to plant potatoes, so she did! Those went into the ground. She is determined to hoe and weed. More power to her! I, on the other hand, know what God said when he had Adam leave the Garden of Eden, and it is TRUE.

Hence the straw bale garden…

Over the coming months, my plan is to walk you through the ups and downs of gardening with Fibro!

My two lovelies helping begin our straw bale garden


I will post as often as I can about the garden if any of you are interested in trying it.

Nothing beats veggies you grow yourself!!

And if you have Fibromyalgia, nothing beats not having to bend down.

Have a good weekend!

Gentle hugs!

~The Fibro Momma of Ten


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